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Water Heater

Need a new Water Heater Installed? Need your Water Heater Repaired?

How long have you had your water heater? Over 10 years? It may be time for you to replace it. Typically, water heaters are prone to developing buildup on the bottom of the tank, and that creates a layer of sediment that reduces it’s effectiveness. This is isn’t just inconvenient, it’s costly! Your homes gas and electric bills will start to climb the harder your  water tank has to work in order to heat the water.

Symptoms of a worn out water heater

  • Rust build up
  • Metallic smell or metallic taste to your water
  • Muddy or sandy water as result of sediment

Do any of these water heater issues sound familiar?

If you’re facing any of these issues around your water heater or in your home, Capital Plumbing’s professional and courteous plumbers are experienced in all types of water heater units. Our team is able to assess the your needs and help you pick the best unit for your  home quickly and efficiently.

Water Heater Repair

After taking a look at what will best benefit your home, our plumbers can perform fast repair services in order to save you money and getting your home running as efficiently as possible. Your satisfaction is a key component in the success our services.

When to repair your water heater

  • Loud noises or vibrations
  • Leaks
  • Water not warming

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