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Toilet Repair

Taking a Look at Clogged Toilets and Toilet Repair

Note, if the pipe of your toilet is currently leaking or flowing, locate the knob on the pipe feeding into the wall or ground and turn it off to stop the flow. That said, let’s take a closer look at the aspects of other toilet issues.

Clogged Toilet

What could be more frustrating than having your toilet clogged? Not having such an essential part of your day obstructed. When the water rises and begins to over fill the bowl, it’s easy to slip into a panic. Happily, most homeowners can deal with a clogged toilet and get it running before the day is out.

When to Call a Plumber

We’d never want to help you something that you felt comfortable doing, but sometimes you just need a little extra support, that’s where we come in. Toilet drains can become overwhelmed by toilet paper or non-flushable items and our experienced plumbers have the tools, training and experience to clear your toilet.

Toilet Replacement

With majority of plumbing fixtures in your home, it’s important to know when it’s time for a replacement and how much you can save when your fixtures are running strong. Toilet’s made before 1994 consume more water per flush or gpf (older toilets typically sit at 3.5 gpf), where newer model toilets can use as little as 0.9 gpf with the same amount of flushing power.

Our plumbers are highly trained and experienced in installing an efficient new toilet that will help you converse and save you money. We’ll walk you through all your options and help you make the right selection for your home and your budget!

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Not Just a Clogged Toilet?

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